Thursday, 9 April 2015

The middle of the end

I am sat at my desk with an empty soup bowl next to me wondering how to spend the last hours of the day. My choices are:
Option 1: Read To Kill a Mockingbird (Brys got me tickets to see the West End Tour for my birthday, which is very soon... and I haven't yet read the book).
Option 2: Work on my assignment.
Option 3: plan for my tuition lessons tomorrow.
Option 4: Clean and hoover.....
Option 5: Continue with this blog...
Option 6: House hunt

Options are really limitless and endless. I have become skilled at not being a student and not working on my own assignments, hence my sitting down to write this, which might otherwise more accurately be known as a great distraction technique. This week has been so beautiful. It has been the first time since last summer that I have been able to drive with my car windows down and enjoy the breeze. As always, I have been between appointments and jobs and always on the road so the change in climate has been so wonderful. It is the Easter Holidays and this is the last real time my students have to revise for their upcoming exams so most of them have been having extra tuition sessions over Easter, which has meant a busier schedule for me.It has been nice to have a change in work schedule and to be able to fit a couple of new students in. After 2 years of doing this job, the inevitable happened this week, and not only once but twice, had to have the discussion of explaining that yes I do indeed model alongside my other jobs! Interesting discussion to have and I am not sure quite why I tend to keep it so private. On one hand I know that all information on the internet is so readily available so I should be more aware that people use it. I think it has always been something about the assumptions I assume people have about models... But then again that is an assumption itself I suppose. Learning to be more open minded always, even about the assumptions I didn't realise I had.

I have spent the majority of today with my A Level students helping them revise and I popped into my placement at the surgery for a few hours this afternoon. Now I have spent about half an hour with my sister and her cognitive revision I feel like I have A Level psychology flowing through my brain and out of my ears particularly this week. It is a strange time of year; exciting projects are being planned, I have been making contact with some people about my research and also making some very exciting plans about my next house move, which I am beyond ready and excited for. I have also been daring to think about life post-qualification. I am now 7 hours away from the golden 150 hours needed for qualification and that is really a sign I am on the home-straight. No looking back. I spoke a while back about it feeling like the beginning of the end. This feels more like the middle of the end now,

It is now a good few hours since I began this post. I have since entered into a political discussion with my sister in which she made some statements with great sweeping conviction. I wonder why I was not that way at 16 years old.... Hmm. I then made more coffee, tidied up my to-do list, and still have not opened up my assignment. That is my task for now. To open this assignment and stop sitting here staring at words on a page that haven't moved in days and that will continue to remain static until I decide to add and edit. What a productive evening... I have been writing about writing about nothing and drinking coffee that is just making me fall asleep...

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  1. Like you said to me yesterday, options are always good - gives you choice ;) x