Monday, 27 August 2012

Bank holiday weekend

A three day weekend is thoroughly being enjoyed; having had such a busy week. I am a firm believer that a busy life equates to goodness and a happily fulfilled soul. But let us not forget that finely tuned word we refer to as 'balance'. Balance is good for the soul. Balance allows us to love life, in whichever way shape or form our interpretation desires.

This week I have either been navigating my way to castings, or on jobs. Shot for Grazia and Toni&Guy this week. Both lots of fun to work for. I tasted green tea cake, was spoilt rotton with enough food to feed a small army with Grazia, and driven to the most idyllic location house in East Sussex. A lot of the team were such 'city' girls, that being stranded in the country for just one day was kind of funny. NO internet connection or wifi.. Needless to say I was beyond shattered on our return to London.

I am pleased London seems to be working out well (so far so good)...
Long may it continue.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Beaumont Organics behind the scenes

A couple of behind the scenes shots from a shoot I did last month for S/S13 collection for Beaumont Organics :)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Hello Tuesday

Just a small update on a Tuesday lunch time. I have no castings today so currently I type this post while sat in my pyjamas, having consumed two frothy soy coffees, watched episode three of Grey's season eight, and contemplated the options of how to spend my afternoon. I'm going to challenge myself to another mammoth cycle ride, explore more, do a little shopping, locate some vanilla rooibos tea, something yummy for dinner, and then cycle back.

The bike ride on Sunday made me very quickly realise that my body strength is nowhere near where it should be. I am a little underweight, and could do with gaining a few kg's; something I am trying each day to work on and improve, but I was taken aback by how little leg/full body strength I actually own. I must work on this! Perhaps by exercising more, and by making my body NEED the nutrition, I will proceed to increase my food intake a little more. Who knows? It could work the other way? I'm not entirely sure. One thing is certain though, London castings are far more demanding than Manchester castings are. I love my agency in Manchester a lot. I really do. But it's very very relaxed compared to working here and being sent a list of castings/go-sees/meetings all over town and not having enough time to actually BE on time.

Anyway. Today is a day off and I shall go enjoy it. I have been confirmed on a Grazia shoot tomorrow, which should be good :)


Sunday, 19 August 2012


I am writing this short post as the sun sets on a blissfully beautiful afternoon. The south of England is far more appealing to the sunshine and warmth than the North is! Freckles are re-appearing, I have eaten fresh food, consumed fresh coffee, cycled ten miles in a town i know nothing about, and read lovely words in books educating me of life and the untold lessons we rarely are given the chance to fully learn. This is what summertime is really about. Blissfully unaware of life's downfalls. If only for one day

Sunday morning sunshine

Sunday morning, beautiful sunshine, beautiful garden, entire day off to enjoy reading and drinking coffee while collecting numerous sunshiney freckles on my body and face. I feel like a child on mornings like this. Back to that vulnerable naive state of being, but it's glorious and care-free.

Saturday, 18 August 2012


It is gone 1am and I am about to call it a night, but before so much more happens, I should really post a little update of my adventures in the land of the Irish folk. Life really does just 'happen' faster than we even thought possible at times, and it's a struggle to maintain continuity in your own head-space, nevermind a little old blog on the internet. As Kurt Vonnegut oh-so very rightly said, 'life happens too fast for you to ever think about it'. However, the truth in this thought still stands, but it is so important that we do somehow find the time to think. Thinking is how we achieve balance and how we process our feelings and the actions of others; the goings on of life itself are processed through our very own thinking. The pace of life mustn't stop our thoughts.

Anyway, back to the blog. IRELAND. I took a wee trip to Belfast last week. Monday and Tuesday was a fitting and filming of the new Next TV commercial and then Wednesday morning I took a flight out to Belfast to visit Aisling. If I attempt to describe this girl in my own mere unsubstantial words, they will fail to do her justice.  Words simply are not enough. I had been going through a somewhat stressful patch of life. A tricky hand of cards was continuously handed out to me on a silver plate, and as much as I tried to receive them as gracefully as can be expected, there comes a point when graceful acceptance of a shit hand of cards is a little tough, even for the best of us. I am only referring to moving out of my house, packing my life up, family experiences, landlord difficulties, decisions that are difficult to make, etc.. but I'm sure you catch my drift. Even socialising, drinking, eating etc.. even the most mundane and 'normal' (god, I hate that word!) activities seemed challenging. This is clearly not the state in which I should be visiting a friend who I know enjoys company of her friends and enjoys being around those that bring happiness. But the point is, it was a brilliant escape. Wow. Just being in different surroundings, being able to sleep, having unconditional acceptance and being with a friend who is just there. Who gets it. The unspoken 'it' that can only ever be understood by those who understand. That's what Aisling did for me. Plus, I don't even have to mention that the beautiful Irish accent filled my heart with about as much happiness as a small child on christmas day. Just lovely.

Let us love whoever is around to be loved.

I really left Ireland with a heart so filled with love. I was reminded of happiness and youth and the aspects of life that we sometimes forget to enjoy.. Maybe forget how to enjoy, or maybe just refuse to allow our hearts to accept contentment. I don't know.. There are a number of reasons, some of which I shall never know. But I have certainly been enlightened, and I could have stayed longer.. This only occured to me as I was taking the bus back to the airport and had left Ais-Ga in the city. Hopefully not too long until another meeting.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

August update

I am away in Belfast having a super relaxing time in the city staying with the lovely lovely Aisling :) surrounding myself with the beautiful Irish accent. It's my last day out here tomorrow and then I will fly back to England for a day at home to pack and spend some time with my agency in London until University classes start back in October.

Life is madly unpredictable and uncertain at the moment, as the above paragraph may well suggest! I have left my house in York now, and still don't have a new house to move into when October arrives. This being said, I still have plenty of time to locate a good place to live. It just means that for now, all my belongings are being stored in the attic at my mum's house, and I shall be living out of a suitcase for the rest of August and September. Hello model life.

I am sad to have left York for now. York is a beautiful city and it makes me feel at home. But I needed a change for summer. The four walls of my house were sending me a little insane without Anna being there. So after re-vitalising myself here in Belfast, I really hope that working in London works out for me. If it does, I shall be a very happy bunny. And if not, well then - nothing ventured, nothing gained. Carpe diem.

A good update shall take place soon.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Beetham sister

Yesterday was the last day in a while I could enjoy a good relaxed morning in the garden with my beautiful sister. She is only fourteen years old, but she has brains and a wise heart beyond her years. Brys is a sweetheart. Thank goodness for family.
I leave my house in York tomorrow. I say goodbye to this garden and my little haven in my bedroom that I've created, and say hello to the rest of summer. I will post a good blog about that soon enough I am sure.
But for now - this is me, and this is Brys. Super sister love

Friday, 3 August 2012

Conclusion of today

This afternoon myself and Moor bonded over a cup of tea and the plain fact that we must try to accept that life can be pretty damn uncertain.

Thursday, 2 August 2012


I took a mini trip to stay with Anna in Nottingham. I miss lovely Anna ever so much. I don't ever enjoy endings or goodbyes; in fact, I challenge you to find a single soul who delights in such activities. It is difficult to go from living in the same house for almost a year, to living miles apart. This concept is proving to be quite a tough one to adjust to. This girl is something wonderful. I hope to take many more trips and weekends to spend with her.

Here are a few happy snaps from my visit. We were house-sitting - staying with a cute kitty cat named coco in a house with no microwave. Yes - no microwave. This rivaled the days of my apartment in Japan with the whistling old fashioned kettle.. but we managed :)

We burnt Anna's arm (sadness), I almost became a homeless tanman, we rejoiced over having terrible land lords, and of course, sourced out lots of tea, coffee , pink lady apples, and a few white mice sweeties. This is how we live. This is how we have always lived, and this is hopefully a legacy that shall continue :)