Saturday, 14 November 2015

I don't need many words for this one

I am writing sat in my living room with my new apple and ginger tea, following quite a bizarre day. I seem to have contracted some kind of 24 hour bug that I hope (optimistically) will be better tomorrow. As I have not been fit for the outside world, I have spent most of my day inside and have focused on more pressing issues. I haven't done any work, no emails, no reading, limited communication, and really some time for myself. I have been following the news as stories of life and death, love and loss, and solidarity are uncovered following the terror attacks on Paris last night. I don't have much that I need to say. There are almost no words, but I do have the need to say something. I have no response other than complete sadness. Not only for a city that holds some dear memories for me, but for humanity, and for what the world has come to understand as constitutions of love and peace. Our world will always be about love. And love, I do believe is the most powerful thing we have. Yet what I have seen is the sheer destructiveness and power of a weapon and a mind of violence and hate. I can see how this strikes fear and deep sadness across so many. And of course, it is a global issue and Paris are not alone in what they have experienced over the last 24 hours. As one small individual, living in the North of England, I do wonder what there is that I can do.... Is there anything?

It has been a sad day today, and perhaps what has impacted most is seeing the world's response to what has happened. 

I wanted to write, for once I didn't need a lot of words, but I did need something.

Even though it is late and I am not so well, I am still reminded of what is important, and it is somewhat contradictory (although I'm sure there is a better word!) that it should take death to make us think of life... There is a bigger picture here. Perhaps I need to be reminded more often, because too often do I not listen properly, not make the time, and not stop and notice the things and people who make a difference. Politics and power can (and do) act as a barrier to what is most important. So I approach the coming week with a clearer perspective, and keep close to heart something I read last year that has changed my learning and given me a language that I understand. These words remind me of the difference between the love of power and the power of love. 


  1. <3 xxxxx all my love hun. Sorry to hear that you've got a 24 hour bug! I hope it goes very soon...and I hope that your yummy sounding tea is helping xxx I too, have also been deeply moved by the worlds response to last night. And I also agree that, although it has also made me sad (and for me anxious too), it has really reminded me of what is important in life. I've just been in touch with a long time old friend and said how much i love her...we said we should chat more instead of being busy with other things that aren't as important. Its reminded me to say how much I love those close to me (including you!) and to keep in mind what really matters rather than 'sweating the small stuff'. That is so spot on ' the love of power and the power of love' xxxxx

    1. Becky, thank you.. It is good to know we are not alone in how we feel! Sending love to you Xxx