Thursday, 25 September 2014

intuition and intent - a late September post

A kind-hearted gift to myself this week is the gift of time this morning. I have given myself a morning of being at home and it has been simply wonderful. It is almost the end of September already and the month has taken me by surprise. I have transformed from a temporary snazzy pants-wearing, soul searching, sunset seeking human being to one who is trying to balance that way of being with a more, dare I say it, 'sensible' approach to life.

I doubt my approach shall ever be dull, but I do think a degree of sensibility is required when life requires me to navigate my way through the different professional hats and roles whilst constantly learning and developing new ways of doing the jobs I actually quite enjoy. I have lots of new students, new clients, new mentees, talks and conference/research 'stuff', etc.. each looking to me for something unique. And I think that life this month is a test of my ability to hold both my snazzy pants and my love for my work in the same hand. It is about the balance of spontaneity and sensibility. Of instinctive, intuitive living and intentional decisions. It is interesting how these things come together and how they actually work in a very complementary way together, but working with other human beings means that I am also witness to how the extremes of living can be so damaging.

So here I am, mid-week, learning from the human beings around me, and making the choice to allow myself the morning off. And to make good coffee...

On another note, it is getting colder and I am missing the warmth. I think I shall have to wear a coat this afternoon...

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