Sunday, 5 October 2014

Early October and the concept of change

Early October and I am sat in a corner of a coffee shop. Of course this is standard blogging opportunity - I'm responding to emails and sat with my work, writing up the findings of some research for a report, and feeling that life is taking a new direction lately.

I had a placement interview yesterday and one of the questions I was asked was 'how do you respond to change?'. My response took me by surprise because my unfiltered response flew out of my mouth before I managed to contain it.. I said 'oh I love change!' But why is this response a surprise? Am I expected to state my reservations and reluctance to change? Is it expected that my resistance should outweigh my motivation to engage with life? I then paused before I elaborated on my somewhat enthusiastic words! And I thought that change is a concept that we either take in our stride or we fall victim to circumstance - the latter is never an idea I am comfortable with accepting, although the socialist or post-modern argument inside the small corner of my brain might dispute this. Probably to little effect! We are only a victim if we allow ourselves to be, and we can only move forward if we allow life to change. It is not about what we like or don't like, it is about what we choose to allow. Taking forward with us what we need and trusting that the rest will fall into place feels like a cryptic message, but strangely I am trusting in it nonetheless.

I am always surprised by the direction in which life moves... Equally the trust that others seem to place in us; In our capabilities and our decisions. Perhaps it is just the way it is, but it also reminds me that trusting in ourselves is a powerful thing. The rest usually follows then...

I shall now get back to my task at hand but somehow my coffee shop corner didn't feel quite as it should without posting a quick blog too. Life has indeed been in full speed but it has also meant that my writing here has taken a back-seat for a while...

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