Sunday, 12 October 2014

Mulled wine, sunsets, and being an agent of change

In the spirit of keeping my blog posts going and taking 'time out' for myself (it is the weekend and I believe this is permitted. Side-note - I actually advocate time out any day of the week at any time, if that is what the body/mind/soul requires... But this being acknowledged, I do not always practice what I preach).

Anyway, I have decided to write another post. I have no inspirational book or quote - probably due to the lack of free time I have had to indulge in the finer pleasures of life. But I do have something I have been reminded of over the past week or so. This is that simply the act of letting things be can be the most infuriating and testing process, yet the most liberating and empowering at the same time. If I choose to let things be rather than surrender to letting things be because I have no choice, it is a much more invigorating and validating process. It is always a balance; how much do we actively push for change and how much can we sit back and enjoy (sometimes endure) the ride? Afterall, isn't life constantly in motion and thus, the world does not stop turning just because we choose to close our eyes and stop momentum for a short while. It will carry on turning, it will continue in motion; we just decide when and how we give it a little direction and which view we choose.

A balance, as always. It seems I have given it more direction than usual lately. New placements, suddenly presentations and talks to give, acknowledging that in certain roles I am 'expected' to know a great deal, yet it can feel that I really don't know very much at all... new responsibilities and new connections with people who may or may not become key parts of my life. I thought mid-way through my course and my training that things might feel the most settled than ever before. I was very wrong! But I am coming to realise that it is me that decides for things to be unsettled - it is me that doesn't want to settle. I enjoy the change - perhaps for now though, things could settle just for a while whilst I gather my breath and enjoy the view.

I shall wrap up with a picture I took this evening. Red sky at night... or something like that! We went walking and took mulled wine and watched the sun set. It was quite a way to spend a Sunday evening

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