Friday, 6 March 2015

The horizon

Currently sat at home with a Jeremy Holmes book next to me and have sat down at my computer so that I can spend a little precious time doing some edits and some serious cutting down of words on this essay which might otherwise be described as a rather lengthy extended and somewhat well articulated rant (with academic references!). But I have about half an hour until I need to leave, it is 8.15am, and I really would quite like to not look at this work just for a little while.

Also I have just spilt my coffee again... this is funny for anyone who knows how composed I usually appear to be. Spilling coffee is beginning to be my norm. It is no surprise when I look at how many hours of sleep per night I seem to be averaging at, yet somehow I am also being rather efficient with my time. I didn't think I had the capacity to 'do any more'... Yet I have this essay drafted in front of me, I planned a birthday dinner for my mum last night, taken on a couple of new students, and have even gone a little bit mad and spontaneous and booked a trip to Barcelona in a couple of months time to give me some breathing space and soul-fulfilling energy in the middle of my deadlines.

So given that I will be returning to a place where my soul is at home in a couple of months and may even go for an extended stay in summer (all work-dependant...) despite my lack of sleep and increased caffeine intake, I am feeling somewhat motivated and energised to do the things that I need to do. I am keeping my eyes on the horizon rather than on the ground... I think that seems to be working. This being said, I am more than glad it is Friday. I have a weekend ahead of a double-dose of yoga, and hopefully a more relaxed approach to life and work. I feel like my head has been 'stuck in books' so to speak, this week. I sent a draft of my essay for some feedback and was suggested some reading, but I have almost been re-awakened to some issues that I could rant/talk/read/write about for infinite days. So this has been wonderful because work hasn't been a chore; quite the opposite. I have re-discovered the striking and mind-blowing difference and the space that lies in the distance between the power of love and the love of power.

Must go and face the day now... Perhaps with a second coffee.

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