Thursday, 25 June 2015

I thought I would have more time...

I thought I would have more time than I have had... Hence why it is gone 1am and I am writing this now. I must admit, one of the reasons I am writing is because I have been on a shoot today with somebody who has just begun writing her own blog and it reminded me of why I started mine. She was concerned that writing about what interests her might appear self-absorbed or others might not feel inclined to read it. I promptly responded that I think it is a common feeling for people who publically publish their writing, particularly about subjects that mean something to them. The personal nature means that it is about you/me/I (the first person). But I also said that I wonder what is the point in our thoughts if we just keep them to ourselves... It is a shame that we should think discussing our interests is merely self-absorbed. I think it is good to share the things that we care about. Anyway, my point here is that this conversation reminded me of my own blog, or more-so the recent neglect of my blog, or perhaps the changing frequency that I write... It has been another couple of weeks, and I really assumed I would have more time than I have had over this past week.

We finished Uni (minus one last and final deadline) and my students have all either gone home from Uni or finished their final A Level exams. I have said goodbye to a lot of people I have worked closely with all year.. And I have been waiting for something to hit me, but it hasn't hit me yet because the time has not been there. I go to Barcelona next week and I suspect once I feel the passing of time more and I have some space to sit with my thoughts then I will be aware of this period of change. A lot will be changing but I don't dare write about it yet just in case...... Yes, impatience and uncertainty are key words in my mind right now. A few weeks away writing and working (and enjoying some time off drinking some cheap red wine in the sun) will be pure bliss.

A piece of work has just been sent to print in preparation for a supervision meeting tomorrow and I am finally ready to catch some sleep. I have had a pretty wonderful day, I learnt that I have pretty good balance when I am not wearing heels (thanks to yoga) and I learnt a little more about F8 or F5.6 something about space and flashes and lighting in photography... Sorry Chris, I have now forgotten... And I learnt that no matter where I am, I will rant about feminism if given the opportunity!! Here are a couple of pictures!

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