Saturday, 4 July 2015

From Barcelona

I wanted to write a short post before it gets weeks down the line once more. I am here in Barcelona. It is almost 11am on Saturday morning and outside my apartment window it looks like the world is only just waking up. It is quieter out there right now than it is at 2am with the cars driving past and sirens buzzing. The week has been a mixture of castings, walking for miles on end, reading on the beach, and trying to write some of this Practice File. I cannot even write the dreaded word, so 'PF' will have to do... I need to restore some balance. I am here to get some space to focus on writing and preparing some things for my research, but I must also find some balance, so this week I been taking things day by day, taking life as it comes. I needed that attitude last night when I arrived back to the apartment to find my Spanish landlady moving my bed out of my bedroom and I hadn't a clue why or what she was doing... Turns out she is replacing it with two new single beds. Not sure why. Mayte does not speak a word of English either so it makes communicating with her a little tricky and awkward. We usually use Whatsapp and google translate, but when we meet face to face there is a huge barrier of communication between us, and she is a rather forthcoming woman. It is difficult to read her! I should really focus some energy on learning some Spanish.. I know a little and it is enough to get me by, but I believe it would be much easier if I took the time to learn a little more!

So, I helped Mayte move my beloved double bed out of my room whilst seething inside not having a clue why this crazy Spanish lady had gone mad and was taking furniture from me... Anyway, 'what will be will be'. All is OK, I think (hope) she is returning today with the other bed for my room and to sort out the dismantled furniture she has left.... Anyway, I needed that attitude of 'what will be will be'. Accept what I cannot change... That seems to be what gets me through most days recently. It works very well when I try hard enough and I must admit that despite its madness and chaos, Barcelona has a calming effect on me. And yes, I did just question if I used the right 'affect' or 'effect' there.. Still not sure. I think I did!

Anyway, keeping to me plan of a short post, it is the weekend and apparently there is a yoga conference on here, so I am going to go find it...

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