Sunday, 24 October 2010


Suppose I'd best waste no time and post the first blog. I've actually been thinking about making one of these for a while, but there's been a few things making me procrastinate. Well, it's made now! And I think I'll actually be pretty good for updates etc. I think it's very good for the soul, to write. If it's about how your day has been.. Whether eventful/productive or whether you've had the day to yourself and had a lot of thinking space. To write about the ever so exciting day you've had or to write about the thoughts. Or a wonderfully inspiring or moving person or piece of work. Anything that strikes a chord.
It's all good :)

I must be off though - 6.30am alarm set for a Sunday morning (tomorrow) at 6.30am. Lovely!
Although it'll be a good day I'm sure. It's my second test shoot with Boss and I have a lovely photographer, Helen shooting it. Very much looking forward to it! Worked with her yesterday but we were outside all day in the cold and rain, so I'm just thankful we'll be in the studio tomorrow! Just ever so slightly nervous about the crazy Manchester inner city traffic and little old me in my car.. But unfortunately sunday train times are not my best friend.
I'm a tough cookie though. Shall be alll good.
Bon nuit.

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