Monday, 25 October 2010

Sunday is the day of rest?

Yes... So supposedly, Sunday is the day of rest. Well, not this weekend! Woke up bright and early, made a cuppa tea and off I went in the car, to Manchester again. More test shoots for my book with Boss. I'm so excited for this all to be up and running properly. In the mean time, the tests are fun to do and I'm meeting some genuinely wonderful people in the process. So I have nothing to complain about at all.
Apart from early mornings, long days, and freezing cold weather. Oh, and being hungry and tired. But that's the glamorous life, right?
Up for uni tomorrow - another early car trip. Which I'm getting quite used to now! Lovely. Good coffee and good tunes to listen to, and what more does a girl need? No rest for the wicked.

A couple of pics from shoot on Friday. Grim weather and rather chilly! But turned out quite well.

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