Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The radical realisation that we are all one

'The idea of saying Fuck It comes from a radical realisation -
That we are all one and therefore do not exist as individuals
That the world as we know it, reality as we perceive it 
Is just an illusion - and that everything in this illusion is
Simply an arising of oneness - all, therefore, divine,
All beautiful, nothing good or bad, nothing better or worse,
No going anywhere, no point, no meaning,
Just oneness, unicity, playing with itself'

(Taken from the book of the day: the Fuck It Book...) 

Of course I have many responses to this extract - ideas around the concept of our togetherness rather than our aloneness. And why are we making meaning out of something if it may not mean anything at all? The Fuck It thoughts seem to be based on moment to moment acceptance, but what I read seems to challenge some of that thinking. My thoughts are that of course we make meaning - we are humans and by our very nature we are meaning makers, so to assume that we have no point, takes away from the point of our oneness; surely that is our meaning? How can we be one without being the individual needed to create the collective one... Which brings me back to our uniqueness and our individuality. We need that isolation - the things that set us apart. We need those things in order to belong...

Oh, I can tell it is a Tuesday. My brain is still switched on. 

My point in this post is not to write about theoretical ideas, more to simply say Fuck It. Today has been a good day and I believe the Fuck It mantra shall be carried with me all week. We ARE all one - we do all exist on the same earth in the same time. And we are all human

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  1. Enjoying your blog, connecting to the mindful vibes and journey, a return to the present and this one in particular with the Fuck It Book sentiments, as you point to towards the end, as it's easy to get pulled in with thinking over these things and it is more of an experiencing thing rather than the head getting involved, helps provide a zen state and glimpse the brilliant duality of it all. And when head does turn it into an invented problem to solve, it's a nice sign to let it switch off as you point to, and allow the return.

    p.s if interested in some amazing quantum science underpinning and connecting to these types of things, check out The Secrets Of Quantum Physics, part 1 is on Youtube, looking at the 'illusion and potential of reality'.

    And Happy New Year to ya, and all good things to you and everyone for it all.