Thursday, 4 December 2014

Home in the making in December

December has arrived along with the grey skies and frosty mornings and coldness. It paints an appealing picture of life doesn't it? What I see is that life in darkness makes even the spriteliest of souls want to seek comfort and warmth, but what I also experience is that despite the multiple things beyond our control, we are the creator of the darkness and the light and all the shades in-between. 

December has arrived with a message, but for once it is not about research or a student or a client or a session or assignment or report I haven't prepared for. This message is something that has come from somewhere and I am reminded not to be a slave to the system; not to fall in line with the mundane and the expected. Not to find my meaning in the trivialities of the familiar, but to slow the pace down and remember again what it is about this world that keeps us all living and breathing in it. As the words say below, to find home in the making is to not focus on the 'end in sight' but to make meaning out of the process. I often encourage my clients to be more aware of the here and now. To be aware of not their past or their future, but their life right now. It is about time I listened to the advice I so willingly dish out to others...

'Transform new the world you touch. 
Spin the wheels and drag the brush slow
across the canvas of your life.
Find home in the making and find it again'

Tyler Knott Gregson 

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