Monday, 25 May 2015

An accidental siesta

Happy Bank Holiday Monday...

The day when us humans nurse our delicate heads, indulge in a lie in, perhaps have a BBQ in the garden if the sun is shining, and wish that every weekend was this blissful three day period of joy. That applies to all of us humans who are not studying, self-employed, working in the emergency services or health care or hospitality, the list goes on... I wonder who really does get these glorious weekends that I hear so much about.

It was not so terrible today really, and I am ending the day now the sun has set feeling quite content having just eaten my soup with my Spanish pants on and wrap around my shoulders. I had a few students booked in today; one in the morning, one mid-afternoon, and one this evening. So work was spread out. I do enjoy my job(s) and they serve me well, so it is just fine that I didn't take the entire day off. I find that most of the time my students give me more energy than I had when I walked in, which says something about where my energy levels have been this year (pretty much on the floor!) At the moment most of my students are sitting their final A Level exams, and one of the greatest feelings is hearing their confidence grow and watching as they learn more about themselves and their passions. It is hearing their hopes for the future and their fears that it may not work out. I find that although my job is to teach them, it often becomes to believe in them or to trust in their process when they may not trust in it themselves. So, really it is no surprise that I find myself seeing some of my students despite it being a Bank Holiday. I will miss this work over the summer months until I have a new bunch of students next academic year.

Although I have been working today I have also been wrapping up and finalising details for my presentation assessment tomorrow, and (ironically as I was teaching one of my students about the body's circadian rhythms this morning) I took an accidental siesta. An accidental siesta... It was not the full 90 minutes that is recommended though, so I perhaps should consider this next time I subconsciously decide that it is entirely appropriate to take a siesta.

I am now going to send a few emails, do some reading, maybe have a glass of wine, and allow that thing called relaxation. I have an assessment tomorrow; I took an accidental siesta today, I know that speaks volumes about how tired my brain and body are, but it also tells me that I am prepared...

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