Monday, 25 May 2015

It was not designed to be easy

Anyone who has spent time with me over the last couple of weeks will probably know that I am approaching the end of my course, which of course means deadline time and tied into that is my awfully ambivalent and tangible relationship with 'letting things go'. The unfortunate souls who have spent time with me will have most likely been witness/on the receiving end of my rants about transcript woes and process notes chaos. I have finally reached the glorious moment when all 38 pages of transcript are complete and printed ready for assessment day on Tuesday. The entire thing is printed 3 times - the equivalent of what feels like a mighty oak tree's worth of paper. Hope the Uni feel positive about doing their part for the environment... Nevertheless, I think for once I feel ready for this. I am looking forward to hearing other people's presentations and getting feedback on my own.

I have lifted my head up from the computer and I see the world. Well, to put it better, my week has truly been more than this. I have been working with my students as they sat their Unit 2 AS exam this week, I celebrated Bry's birthday, said goodbye to a couple more students, the list could very well go on... But I am really just taking in this moment - it is a rarity. A rare moment that I have done all I needed to do and can take stock even if it's just for the rest of this night.I don't think this task (for this assessment) has been easy at all, but then I don't think it was designed to be easy.

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