Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Stormy weathers and stats

In the spirit of my attempt at doing one blog post per week, another post is over-due.. No writing at the weekend because in truth, I had really quite a wonderful weekend and spent each day in such good company. Of course I've launched myself into another week and I'm not quite sure I put my life-jacket on for this one so I'm hoping that I find it soon. Two days in, and I have survived, even a three hour stats class and new students and some other rather demanding tasks (sort of the 'he who shall not be named' type of tasks)...

Still inevitably questioning and mulling over the decisions I have been making lately. Of course my doubts are heightened by a CPD workshop I did last Friday about existentialism and choice, responsibility, and action (and of course life, the universe, and everything.... and the ultimate meaning of our very existence!!!!). But this time, post-fantastic-weekend, I don't think my questions and doubts are all bad. In fact, I think the workshop ignited some much needed energy into my life and I am thankful that I was reminded of the things that mean something significant to me. I thought that the workshop leader made subtle, but quite meaningful links between practice, existential philosophy, and social responsibility. This is a philosophy that focuses on choice, action, and our isolation alongside the meaning we make of the interaction between ourselves and the world around us. How can this perspective not in some way, prioritise not only our responsibility for the choices we make about ourselves, but also those decisions we make about how we impact others. Our environment, our social and political commitments, how we choose to align ourselves with particular ways of living and particular cultures and beliefs, using the voice we have and allowing our actions to sit in line with our words and our hearts... It all comes down to choices, and actually (usually) rather simple choices at that!

So, with a little support behind me and some reignited reflections on the responsibility we have to each craft the life that we choose for ourselves, I am making decisions, and sometimes the decision is to be OK with not being certain about the outcome or potential consequences. Whilst being put to the test, I am also testing my own boundaries by seeing how much my own actions match my voice, and sticking with it. I am writing in riddles, which I dislike, but I can't see another way and besides, I am kind of enjoying my aversion to the details whilst I write about something that, in essence, is about clarity and acceptance of the storm (or standing naked in the storm, whichever way you choose to view it!).

There has been no nakedness in the storm today, but there has been this rather beautiful sunrise on my walk to work...

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