Saturday, 3 October 2015

The next adventure

In the five years that this blog has existed, I don't think I have ever neglected it quite as much as I have done over these past couple of months. I might have even been beginning to forget that it even exists. I was reminded last night of how long it has been since I last wrote and it made me think it is a real shame that I seem to have taken a more complacent attitude towards writing lately. I am unsure of why this is... Perhaps I am concerned about my privacy and concerned about sharing things that may not be appropriate to share any more. Perhaps I have run out of things to say. Perhaps time constraints have played a part, or perhaps I am really just waiting for the next adventure to begin. I feel a little adventure-less these days and I do know that this impacts more than just my writing habits. It is almost as  if finishing the course and moving house and dealing with a few changes and transitions has meant that I have not been so clear in my thinking and my feet have not felt as grounded as I would like. Usually before I write it is helpful to feel sure of what it is I am giving words to on the screen, rather than haphazardly typing away. But lately I have been unsure on exactly what to write about. Hence the silence and lack of words. So perhaps I begin there...

What does one write about when everything is in transition? I have made a few decisions recently, some of which do not belong on an online platform, but some of which, are very exciting. I am finally officially qualified, graduate next month, and I have decided to do a full time research MSc alongside full time work too. I will surely regret this in 6 months time, but I am pleased that this initiates a little newness into my life, despite my staying at the same University for what will 6 consecutive years. Consecutive years of constant transition.

It is currently only 9.30pm but following about 3 hours of sleep in the hours of this morning, and a good few more glasses of wine than usual last night, I am suitably exhausted. I drank in the pub, and then drank more at home. Then the afternoon today was spent in a salon prepping hair for a job this weekend, and now I am home I have much redder hair and I just have to pack a bag for a few days in London and enjoy some undisrupted and non-alcohol fuelled sleep for as many hours as possible... this packing can be done in the morning. So I will pack and I will await the next adventure and hope that it brings me some inspiration for my life once more.

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