Wednesday, 3 August 2011

3rd August

Waking up a 6am is not all that fun when you don't have to be awake until whatever leisurely time your body clock decides to rise and shine. However, this morning, of course that would have been too much to ask! So 6am it was. I've been doing nothing since, and it's now approaching 9.30am on a Wednesday morning. Oh dear. While typing that I had to double check it is actually Wednesday and not Tuesday, and subsequently took a double-glance when I saw the month 'August'. There are positives to waking up before anyone else in the house. Well, it's just my mother and sister. But I was able to make my sister breakfast in bed and be a lovely big sister for once. That, combined with cups of peppermint tea for myself and a small cup of steamed soy milk. This is becoming a small indulgence of mine. Okay, it's filled with lovely nutrients and it's hardly a slab of chocolate fudge cake for breakfast, so it's not so much of a 'guilty indulgence' rather an unnecessary mug of goodness every so often!

Today I plan on spending this morning sorting a few things out. I am on a mission to sell my car so I have a few things to organise and think about and a few calls to make. I shall then head over to York, sort out a couple of student finance things at university and then meet the wonderful Steff. We plan on drinking tea, browsing charity and vintage shops and then possibly finding some good food/nutrition books since we are both pretty into 'healthy' options and taking care of ourselves and our diet.

I feel yesterday should have a little mention before I go off and prepare my own breakfast. Yesterday was an unexpected busy day. I woke up and was called to a casting so began to get ready, then was called again to let me know that I'd been booked on a very last minute job so I manically rushed and hopped on the train to Manchester, jumped into a cab from which the driver managed to find himself incredibly lost around Manchester city center. That was vaguely entertaining and a little frustrating! Me not even being a resident of Manchester knew exactly how to get to the studio. But, we got there eventually. The receptionist made me wait for a rather long time because her call through to let the client know I'd arrived didn't actually go through! Then on set, we had to make an emergency call to the agency to ask them to send a make up artist since there was no make up artist there! Whether she hadn't turned up or the client just hadn't booked one, I'm not entirely sure. But they sent one of the lovely bookers at Boss over with a kit of make up and she spent the afternoon with me out of booker-mode and playing make up artist for the day. It was all rather impromptu and last minute but nevertheless it was in fact a very chilled and easy day.

Right. The mother and sister have just left to visit a friend's new puppy, bearing gifts. I think this is time for me to begin the day. I need more busy-ness. Keep me busy, take me somewhere, keep me out and I am happy.

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