Wednesday, 10 August 2011

oh, to be British

Proud to be British?
This is just a short post written from my iPhone as I begin to do a little reading before sleeping.
It is all well and good for me this evening, sleeping in a safe and secure area without fear and terror. But I am well aware that this is not the case for much of the country at the moment.
This is England. The country who, only a few months ago declared a new British holiday to mark the Royal wedding and the entire country united with pride. This week is a far cry from that pride and solidarity. Goodness me, my heart breaks to know the destruction the young people we live amongst are causing. London, Manchester, Birmingham. Where next? And will they stop?? It terrifies me. My good friends who are living in the midst of the riots and attacks are scared witless. And this fills me with so much sadness.
It seems as though this country is falling to pieces right before our eyes.
I know there will be an on-going reason (not excuse) for these kids behaviour and their mentality being as screwed up as is quite obviously is. People are blaming the parents, the schools, the government. But guys. It has to stop. It really must stop.

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