Monday, 1 August 2011


First post of August 2011 and it seems fitting to post a small update on the last weeks goings on. I have just this evening returned from London spending a few days with Next, working at this years Next model competition as 'last year's winners' with the rest of the beautiful top ten models. We were fortunate enough to not only be crowned the top ten this time last year and be whisked away to the ever so beautiful city of Paris to film and shoot, but we have been working with Next all year for various campaigns and shows, meeting and working alongside some absolutely incredible and talented people from Next and the creative teams they use. Being there one year later just showed us how thankful we should be for the most amazing opportunities that have been given to us through our own hard work but also through the lovely people we've met along the way. Of course, we've each branched out our own separate ways but we've consistently had work and good time spent together which has subsequently led to us being a close-knit group of friends and I know for sure that I felt pretty emotional knowing that this marked the end of an epic year together. I know I have said a similar phrase before, but it's still so true. I do hold a huge place in my heart for those other models/friends of the top ten. They are special people and I'm sure we will stay in eachother's lives for a long time yet! Too many good times to come.

It can only be the start of even more fantastic things, right? How much has my live changed in just the past year! I always appreciate the past but at the moment, I am in the frame of mind for looking forward and being excited by the possibilities and the change. For being young and free enough to make my own decisions, live my own life, and have a little fun. Life is too bloody short to waste away feeling disheartened about what could/should/might have been. We are here now, and we have a life that is given to us so we can live it.

While I was spending a little time in London I also found time to see my family down there. I see London as a 'home away from home' type of city. Perhaps I should look into working there during holidays.. I love the city. Not as much as Paris! But I do love the city and I feel at home there. I don't know.. Possibilities.

I have had a rather hectic time also this week, trying to 'sort my life out', for want of a better phrase. I have now found and secured a new house for September, so as of the first week of September I shall be a happy resident of York, living much closer to university and finally moving out of little old Harrogate. Harrogate is lovely, homely, small, quaint.. But I do feel as though I'm ready to move out of here. If only because I need the space from my family and I need the right environment to live as an individual, not under my mother's roof existing to try and please her with every move I do only to find that every step I make is somewhat wrong anyway. I do know it's causing me a lot of stress at the moment but if I deal with it step by step then it's not all that bad. Things will work out eventually.

All in all, I don't know what has switched over in this complex mind of mine but I'm so glad things seem better.

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