Monday, 12 September 2011


Yesterday marks the ten year anniversary of the tragic day in America. My heart breaks and is torn apart from reading and watching some of the stories people share so openly. I rem ember a trip to New York whereby I visited Ground Zero and witnessed for myself the destruction. Being there in person gave it a sense of reality as a pose to watching it from the comfort of your own home through a television screen. It puts life into perspective. It promotes thoughts that we wouldn't usually have to think and we may even avoid ever thinking.

It just makes me so incredibly sad to think that we live in a world in which such people exist. People who not only think about causing a disaster beyond the imagination, but to then proceed with turning their thoughts into very profound and bold actions.

The very thing that makes my heart break, is that I cannot for the love of the world, acknowledge and accept that these things 'just happen'. Acceptance of life around us is such a vital part of actually living. But to accept the fact that we live amongst human beings who posess such hatred and lack of compassion? That is something which I simply cannot understand. My brain does not function in that way, and I do not associate myself with those who think that way. To be quite honest, it is frightening but oh so very real.

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