Tuesday, 13 September 2011

hello hello

The past week or so has been a sure start to Autumn/Winter. Life has consisted of seeing a couple of new and old friends for various types of beverages and some brilliant chats and catch ups. One including a lovely trip to the theatre to see my all time favourite, Les Miserables. I absolutely always love spending time with those near and dear to me.
There has also been show fittings, test shoots, organising the diary, getting ready for a rapidly approaching start to second year of uni and my move over to York. Throw in a little piano playing, book reading, loving Adele's spread in this month's Vogue, and a fair amount of tweeting and picture taking just for good measure, you have my week summed up.
Well, the 'good' aspects of my week. The stress of my car and having to cancel tomorrow's shoot, my generous hours in this year's timetable, my cold-shouldered Mother, and the fact that I am desperately missing some good friends can just be overlooked for now.
Yes - they can all be overlooked. Because Grey's Anatomy has just cropped up on TV.
I love Grey's.


  1. Haha i like the end of the post, you love Greys ;) See you ever so soon!

  2. Oh angel, I know how hard you work through everything and I have hopes for what is ahead <3

    And, I miss you and adore you and cannot wait to see you soon <3