Thursday, 29 September 2011


I am happy.
I have now moved out of home and into my own house in York! Okay, not my very own house. Just a student house with the lovely Anna and a couple of others who haven't moved in yet. I moved at the weekend and I have to say - absolutely the right move. I have never been so sure of anything before. I haven't had to do much adjusting at all. The only slight problem is that we do not have a kitchen at the moment. It is mid-way through being re-fitted so we have to wait another few days before having a fully-working kitchen. But all good things take time, so I'm maintaining my patience while living from a diet mainly consisting of soup.

The independence is wonderful. My bedroom isn't fully unpacked yet but it's getting there. It has to be made 'homely' and cosy etc.. but considering we haven't even been there for a week yet, it is fabulous.

I worked at a Harvey Nichols show at the start of this week, which was lots of fun. And then have started back at uni. Eeek. year two of my Psychology and Counselling degree, and as lame as this may appear - I am so happy to be back. I have some wonderful friends here and it's keeping my feet firmly on the ground while my head can quite happily live in the clouds from time to time.

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  1. So amazing seeing yooooooooou and cannot wait to come and stay.
    So proud of you <3