Thursday, 22 September 2011


The crazy life and times of little old me. Things have been getting rather busy and I have to admit - I love it and wouldn't wish it to be any other way. Last week consisted of shoots, shows, and a last shoot on Sunday out on location in Yorkshire. I haven't worked with this team before, and it was a lovely surprise to be shooting with lovely Leeds photographer Xanthe. I have heard lots about her from my good friend Zana, so it was great to actually work together. Working on location in England means that it's always freezing cold and you cannot rely entirely on the weather. Back up plans are needed, and the entire team is always on tender hooks worrying about the clothes and the lighting and the hair and make up just becoming a car-wreck and ruining the brief before the first look has even been shot. However, somehow it is always pulled out of the bag. Somehow creatives manage to fight the British weather and overcome the forces. Even in the case of this particular day when we were caught in rain and thunder storms with some rather magnificent forks of lightening in the sky.

I then proceeded to arrive at the airport that evening rather cold and tired, to fly out to Barcelona for a job shooting a ballet inspired editorial out there. I have been told by many friends that Barcelona is a wonderful city. I now understand why. It is just beautiful there. Such a beautiful part of Europe. So much culture and character lies within every single street and alleyway. Every restaurant and bar, every beautiful architectural building and every tree that lines the street lights and balconies. It almost reminds me of Paris. Perhaps because last time I was in Paris it was last summer while I was working too and the only parts of Paris I was really able to see was from the car windows as we passed by. Similar to this trip, only really seeing the wonderful sights when we passed by in the car, or while we were shooting and I was elegantly posing amongst the architecture and scenery. (with a rather large Spanish audience admirably holding camera phones up towards me!)

There was yet again, another team of wonderful souls to work with and spend time with. The hotel was stunning, and the food was just divine. I may have over indulged just a little with beautiful food, sangria and champagne. But hey - when in Barcelona...
Plus I have most definitely discovered a new love to Japanese seaweed with miso sauce/paste. Cooked in a very specific manner, but it is amazing. I am home this evening now, but really - why limit yourself to just England when the world is such a cultural and beautiful place. It is bizarre to even contemplate the thought that one could live in England for the rest of their lives and never experience the true meaning of life.

Must get some rest now. Early start shooting on a job tomorrow morning.

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