Saturday, 11 August 2012

August update

I am away in Belfast having a super relaxing time in the city staying with the lovely lovely Aisling :) surrounding myself with the beautiful Irish accent. It's my last day out here tomorrow and then I will fly back to England for a day at home to pack and spend some time with my agency in London until University classes start back in October.

Life is madly unpredictable and uncertain at the moment, as the above paragraph may well suggest! I have left my house in York now, and still don't have a new house to move into when October arrives. This being said, I still have plenty of time to locate a good place to live. It just means that for now, all my belongings are being stored in the attic at my mum's house, and I shall be living out of a suitcase for the rest of August and September. Hello model life.

I am sad to have left York for now. York is a beautiful city and it makes me feel at home. But I needed a change for summer. The four walls of my house were sending me a little insane without Anna being there. So after re-vitalising myself here in Belfast, I really hope that working in London works out for me. If it does, I shall be a very happy bunny. And if not, well then - nothing ventured, nothing gained. Carpe diem.

A good update shall take place soon.

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  1. going more than a little doolally without you too. BIG BUNDLES OF BEANY LOVE