Monday, 27 August 2012

Bank holiday weekend

A three day weekend is thoroughly being enjoyed; having had such a busy week. I am a firm believer that a busy life equates to goodness and a happily fulfilled soul. But let us not forget that finely tuned word we refer to as 'balance'. Balance is good for the soul. Balance allows us to love life, in whichever way shape or form our interpretation desires.

This week I have either been navigating my way to castings, or on jobs. Shot for Grazia and Toni&Guy this week. Both lots of fun to work for. I tasted green tea cake, was spoilt rotton with enough food to feed a small army with Grazia, and driven to the most idyllic location house in East Sussex. A lot of the team were such 'city' girls, that being stranded in the country for just one day was kind of funny. NO internet connection or wifi.. Needless to say I was beyond shattered on our return to London.

I am pleased London seems to be working out well (so far so good)...
Long may it continue.

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