Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Hello Tuesday

Just a small update on a Tuesday lunch time. I have no castings today so currently I type this post while sat in my pyjamas, having consumed two frothy soy coffees, watched episode three of Grey's season eight, and contemplated the options of how to spend my afternoon. I'm going to challenge myself to another mammoth cycle ride, explore more, do a little shopping, locate some vanilla rooibos tea, something yummy for dinner, and then cycle back.

The bike ride on Sunday made me very quickly realise that my body strength is nowhere near where it should be. I am a little underweight, and could do with gaining a few kg's; something I am trying each day to work on and improve, but I was taken aback by how little leg/full body strength I actually own. I must work on this! Perhaps by exercising more, and by making my body NEED the nutrition, I will proceed to increase my food intake a little more. Who knows? It could work the other way? I'm not entirely sure. One thing is certain though, London castings are far more demanding than Manchester castings are. I love my agency in Manchester a lot. I really do. But it's very very relaxed compared to working here and being sent a list of castings/go-sees/meetings all over town and not having enough time to actually BE on time.

Anyway. Today is a day off and I shall go enjoy it. I have been confirmed on a Grazia shoot tomorrow, which should be good :)


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