Friday, 18 October 2013

another first day

Today ended with a glass of wine and a very good friend. It's not even Friday night yet but I believe it was more than well deserved.

I had a to-do list which is apparently never ending at the moment; it sort of runs from day to day never quite ending and never quite beginning again. But some of it was completed today and that's enough for now! I also had my first official day as a trainee therapist today as I met with my first client and made the first move on this next journey as a practitioner. 'Firsts' are always somewhat anxiety provoking and really serve to test our ability to act in both calmness and patience, and also to grow a pair of trusty balls!

Today was most definitely a good day. Amongst all my calmness and composure, I actually have quite an unacknowledged presence should I wish to use it. Yesterday a friend and I presented at a training session full of mentors in training, and today I found myself in yet another new role, trying to fill yet another pair of shoes three sizes too big, but actually being OK in the process.

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