Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The portal of communication

Today was the teaching day of my PGDip. Full 9.30-5 day of lectures, workshops, supervision etc... A full day of a lot of learning of both a theoretical and insightful nature.

Today was also the day that I somehow lost my phone. I lost my phone! OK, I'm not one to be religiously devoted to my daily game of candy crush saga or texting my BFF hourly updates. But this is my trusty iPhone; the tiny little technologically advanced portal which is not only my source of communication with friends and family, but my on-the-go means of communication for both my jobs and my placement (all of which my schedule can and does change daily). Also whilst applying for a third job the phone seems a vitally important part of that communication. 

To cut a long story short, I found the phone in the end thank goodness. It's the metaphorical meaning that is most entertaining... Life is getting more complicated and messy the more I live it. You'd hope I could keep the one thing that keeps it all together within my sight and possession, but not today! Today I somehow lost it all; only for a brief while. Thank goodness for good people.

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