Saturday, 19 October 2013

Saturday happenings

Saturday.. The day of comfy clothes, hot beverages, clean homes, and tidy minds. I slept in today perhaps more than I recall ever sleeping in before in my entire twenty four years of life. No exaggeration - I believe this really might be the case. I will refrain from stating the exact time I awoke from my slumber because it's not an awakening time to be proud of! But I shall certainly take it as a message to exercise my right/need to sleep during the week with a little more awareness and intent.

The majority of today was spent organising and clearing out some of my belongings, and cleaning/tidying/washing... Tidy house, tidy mind. I also decided to create a new vegan delight: Pear and plum loaf. I officially succeeded in playing house-wife, minus the adorning husband and beautiful 2.5 children. I plan on modifying this creation next time to a richer flavoured pear, plum, & pecan loaf, but this isn't too bad to start with. Lucky are those who visit my house this week... I shall be filling them with cake and probably sending them back home with more!

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