Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas break: Psych-talk & balance

It is currently the middle of the day on a Wednesday and I am sat in the house with a Moroccan oil hair mask on my head, surrounded by books on cognitive psychology re-capping my memory on theories of memory. Is there an element of irony there in remembering about memory? It seems I have encoded, stored, and successfully been able to locate and retrieve the information that's been retained in my long term memory. No, I do not study cognitive neuroscience and I am not training in any form of Cognitive approach, but I do, however, tutor A Level Psychology, which requires me to be a fountain of knowledge and resources.

My re-capping of knowledge is not without advantages; I do believe that the greater our knowledge base and understanding, the richer our practice and learning. Afterall, we are not one without the other; each psychological perspective doesn't exist alone. And aside from my phenomenological appreciation, I do rather enjoy some information which is grounded not only in theoretical understanding, but also in a more factual and typically scientific paradigm.

I should probably move away from my psych-talk (AKA psycho-babble) and onto a more familiar topic of my blog; the art of balancing work, rest, and play. I have been encouraged to use this Christmas break to embrace each third of that balancing act in equal measures. We are only three days in, but so far so good...

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