Saturday, 14 December 2013

Life and mulled wine

We've already had two weeks of December and I have been completely absent from this blog. Whenever I find myself abandoning the blog for a while, it's never because life has been dull, it's quite the opposite. Life has been completely consumed with either work, study, clients, friends, sleep, or drinking... mulled wine (or any wine for that matter). I've barely kept up with my advent calender.. (yes, a terrible sign of adulthood)

I am feeling festive and sufficiently socialised after having three truly enjoyable Christmas celebrations already, before prime Christmas time has even arrived. Festive feelings don't happen naturally, so this might say something! I took a lot of risks at the beginning of this academic year, with new jobs and a new course, a new car, a move of home... I haven't really taken the time to enjoy the company of all the new people that come alongside new courses and jobs. One thing to say about the run-up to Christmas is that it is certainly the most welcomed opportunity to take a break, to breathe, to have a drink, and to enjoy the company of some really quite wonderful people.

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