Thursday, 24 April 2014

160 miles

A very brief post, since it is not the most agreeable time of day/night. There is my entire 'to do list' which has evolved from the weekend and has not even been considered today. For some reason, to-do list is still neatly hidden away and I have turned to my blog. I'm going with it...

It has been a long day; approx. 160 miles, a healthy amount of ridiculously overpriced but beautifully crafted soya cappuccinos, the beautiful sounds of Paolo Nutini, and not a single piece of assignment work or research in sight. Although admittedly, it has not quite been 'out of sight out of mind'. I have been on a shoot this morning. The joy that fills the body when reading a call sheet that states '9am-1pm' is incomparable. Not the 9am, but the lunchtime finish. It was one of those jobs where you know the team you're working with so it isn't weird and awkward with everybody asking how old you are and how you became a model. I then drove back home, popped into a salon in prep for a shoot next week, and then went to a meeting this evening at my placement. Such is the multifaceted nature of this life... Some of this I could not even predict week to week.

I arrived back home at approximately 10pm to a malteaster chocolate bunny as a small gift from my sister, and the War Horse tickets I recently purchased. Definitely wonderful things to return home to!

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