Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Early mornings and high spirits

Another assignment done, proof read, and ready to submit. It is currently 1:40am and I will be woken at 7am by my alarm, which shall subsequently be followed with a cup of coffee and a rush to leave the house. However, today, all in all, has been a good day. I learnt that I am not the only one who relies on the wonders of a sat nav or a trusted human being for directions when navigating the roads of this country. And I also learnt that a siesta is always appropriate. I took a great nap in the car this evening and despite a long day shooting and long car journeys, I am still awake. Still awake knowing that I shall certainly not be feeling this high-spirited in the morning. Never say never.... 

I have been enjoying the flexibility to take more modelling jobs lately - balance is feeling more in tune with my soul. 

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