Monday, 14 April 2014

Goodnight from Cheltenham

We have reached mid-April and once more I have managed to post once in the space of two weeks. I thought now is as good a time as any to update, and it is also a time to celebrate the forthcoming FOUR days off work. I have been so very strict with myself in not booking in any work until Friday so that I can have some days off. Days 'off' will still mean that I am working and on emails, but just very selectively, and absolutely nothing that requires me to physically be in York. I get to have a mini adventure around the South of England, starting today (well, tomorrow) in the Cotswolds, and then heading across to Kent. I'm rediscovering my adventurous spirit. It tends to get a little stifled when so consumed with research and academic-type-issues. It is about the balance. Balance is being restored and my faith in the power of new ground, new air, and a fresh perspective shall be proven once more.

Today I have been working for the Loreal Colour Trophy in Cheltenham (explains my being here), and it has been a good day. It has been more than a good day actually - the sun has been shining, it has been so beautiful, and I have been with a wonderful team of people all day.

It was also my brother's 22nd birthday this week. Twenty-two. He is getting older, and as his big sister it makes me feel even older too! Not that age bothers me, it is more that time is moving too quickly. Here are some picture of the week - it seems to make more sense to tell the stories through the pictures...

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