Friday, 27 June 2014


Another week gone and I am frantically trying to wrap up everything I need to do in the country before I leave next week. Well, perhaps frantically is not the right word, but it does feel that way sometimes. In the same way that it can feel like the universe conspires for or against us, and in the same way lightness breeds lightness and darkness breeds even more darkness.

After research interviews and meetings and a lot of driving and writing and emails, clients, phone calls, supervision meetings, the list goes on... I am ready to wrap up the last of my assignment and leave the country for a while to warmer climates, beautiful company, and hopefully some wonderful jobs. This weekend will be a battle with my perfectionism as I tackle the editing down of thousands and thousands of words but I am hopeful that it is a battle I can win. It will probably be a very lonely and solitary weekend - me, my computer, and my coffee mug! However, the loneliness has been counterbalanced with each human being I have encountered this week. When you allow yourself to open up and be touched by the story of another, a small part of your own story alters in the process. This is why I love the work that I do; I am never a stagnant human being. I am never unmoved. My existence is not within a confined space

A little adventure goes a very long way...

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  1. You are so right! Adventures are what makes life so interesting xx