Sunday, 1 June 2014

To begin the day...

Yesterday we drove 100 miles up the A1 and across the Yorkshire Dales over to the Lake District. It's been a few years since I last visited and it is just as beautiful as it always is. Aside from the aesthetics; the scenery, the lakes, the skies, and the beautiful cottage we are staying in, it is just a wonderful way to find fresh air and new ground with a good friend. Good perspective.

This week has been another 'standard week in the life'...Less teaching and less research, but more work on my own assignments. I arrived back home late on Monday evening, and went straight into a full day at Uni. The rest of the week sort of merged and fused together into one long string of events, strung together with a little sleep here and there, driving, and meetings. But not meetings of the stress-inducing kind; meetings of the person to person kind. One thing I have been very skilfully reminded of this week is that sometimes change requires more boldness than we even knew existed in our being. The fearlessness to do something different also requires the ability to choose to leave behind things that still mean something. What I have been reminded of is to open my eyes more and to see the peripheral; the borderline, the path that diverges from the one we know to be comfortable, and to do it anyway. The comfortableness, despite the safety, can often be inhibiting in more ways than one.

We will begin our day now! But here is the view we woke up to this morning... Simply beautiful :)

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