Monday, 26 May 2014

500 miles for coffee ice cream

An interesting casting, rain storms, endless traffic, ending with a client I've been working with for a good while, and 400 miles later.... That's what Harrogate - Manchester - York - Kent looks like all in a day in the life... A bit mad really. Really, it was. I arrived here on Friday evening and spent yesterday with aching arms from so much driving. Never in my life have I experienced aching arms from driving so much, but then never in my life have I found my diary to be such madness.

It was madness, but I have taken myself away for the weekend down to Kent, for what I shall refer to as a 'writing vacation'. It is a three day weekend, and since establishing my rule of 'no work appointments at the weekend', this means that I have three days 'off'. Three days to escape, find some sunshine and peace, and read and write some assignments and case studies. I have adopted a somewhat relaxed attitude to my work for this weekend - I have probably written words and consumed coffee in equal measures. And I have to admit - although I don't feel at all guilty for admitting, that this evening has been spent drinking wine and eating coffee ice cream. Seriously - coffee ice cream is more than delicious. Look at what you miss out on when life is lived within such strict and forbidding constraints. I think that time 'out' for my studies is time out for myself. It is my way of finding balance and it is good to dedicate some time to my studies - I love what I do and I love learning. Life can get very much in the way and it is easy to focus on the immediate issues at hand and forget that at some point last year, I applied for this post grad degree and thought I had the capacity for superhuman potential. I am not so superhuman, but somehow I am making my way through. Even if it takes a 500 mile round trip and a bottle of wine in order to truly focus my energy.

I know I am away from home because I have lost sense of time, and the things that usually matter don't matter so much. I haven't gotten dressed or worn an ounce of makeup all day. My diary is still sat in my handbag in the corner of my room, and I even put some washing on today and forgot to put the washing powder in the machine. I'm eating ice cream (a very rare occurrence for me) and there are emails sat in my inbox that can await replies without my anxiety hitting the roof.

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