Sunday, 25 January 2015

354 miles


After a few days away staying with a very good friend in York (AKA wine-drinking, soup & olive eating, and very late night talks...) I have also been working on a three day shoot near Sheffield and I am finally home after a total of 354 miles driven this weekend. I am not supposed to share what we have been working on, but I can say for sure that I spent the days in the company of some very wonderful people. This weekend is a perfect example of what I have always said is the best and the worst of modelling; the worst being that my weekend has basically fallen into a void of existential nothingness, i.e. it has disappeared. However, the very best being the team of people I have been working with. Connecting with some really wonderful people will always be at the core of all of my jobs and roles. This is why I truly believe I am not built for a life where I see the same people day in day out and do the same tasks for the same reason at the same times, with the same responses...

I may very well end up driving the wrong way down a dual carriageway (I did this a few days ago...) or missing trains, or indeed taking the wrong ones... Missing flights even, staring a foreigner eye-to-eye totally lost in translation and relying on the universal language we speak instead. Things may get lost and I may well lose myself once in a while too. I am running away with my ideas here, but my point was that what all these things have in common is a sense of adventure. A 'something' that forces one to exercise a new way of thinking. By doing that and by staring face-to-face the challenge, I am not only reminded of the bigger world but also that I am alive. So when people find out the extent to which I fill my diary and they wonder why I keep on going, it is very easy to answer.

It is good to finish the weekend with energy, despite a need for sleep! The weekend definitely did not consist of mornings drinking coffee, catching up on life and yoga, but as far as 'working weekends' go, it was a pretty good one.

There is time to lie in tomorrow. I probably won't - but knowing I can is more than likely enough!

Buenos Noches..

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