Saturday, 11 July 2015

Adventuring #3: Montserrat

That concept of being 'on-top of the world', on a mountain top and seeing for miles and miles around, being higher than the clouds... It does give perspective. Seeing so much life and nature all in one view is quite spectacular. As was the cable car ride up...

I type this as Tasha has just landed back in England and I am in the apartment about to get ready to head to castings and then take one of my books to the beach after. I can combine PF work with some sunshine surely..... My favoured Jeremy Holmes attachment book will be used for referencing for some of my case studies so I will take that with me in my bag and it is fortunate the casting is next to the Olympic Port by the beach.

I couldn't not share some of these views. Nature always (always) astounds me.. Perspective.

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