Monday, 13 July 2015

Adventuring #4: Calella and the Coast

It is fairly late in the evening now, although not so late for Spanish living. There is still noise outside the balcony and I am sat in the living room next to the open door of the balcony with an iced drink next to me. I have spent the day alone after Tasha left at the weekend.. I read half of an entire book in one sitting this afternoon, gathered a few more freckles, had no castings, so I wrote a little more on the PF. Just a little, I am working at snail pace - probably even slower than snail pace to be truthful. Finally I am using the space here for what I intended it to be for, even if I am writing at the pace of a small shelled creature. Slow and steady perhaps? 

Here are a few pictures I took last week; we walked some of the cliff walks along the Costa Brava coast, taking the coastal train out midday and spending time on some of the small beaches and bays along the way back. It was paradise; literally breath-taking paradise, and as all of last week was, it was simply wonderful to spend it with Tasha finding some peace.

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