Saturday, 1 October 2011


Another post courtesy of my iPhone. It's rather frustrating because I definitely prefer to use my laptop for blogging but the new Internet connection in my house does not appear to be on my side in the slightest today. Hence, the iPhone useage.

Yesterday was such a beautiful Septembers day. I honestly believe that the sun acts as a natural and holistic but incredibly strong anti depressant. Who needs pills and such when all you need is a daily dose of delicious tea, good friends, and a generous amount of warmth and sunshine.

A beautiful day means life is good and we are left with a very happy and content me. Why must we struggle and endure the bad days when there's the remotest possiblity that each and every day could be just as lovely? Why does life work that way? It doesn't feel 'real' enough to say that we must survive the tough in order to appreciate all the goodness life can offer. It's logical, yes. But it's too much of an easy and safe explanation to a question that some just cannot understand.

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