Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Long days, London nights

Lately I have been feeling so tired that I could literally fall into a deep sleep mid way through the day. In fact, about half an hour into my child development lecture this afternoon I had to really fight to keep my eyes open. I never usually have this problem. Ironically, I usually adopt insomniac tendencies, surviving from a very minimal amount of sleep.
Trying to figure out what's going on is a little too much.

Part of me wants to think that being back at uni is needing more adjusting to than I initially thought. I love being back. I do. I really love being back at uni, learning more, seeing friends, having goals and plans for my future life. It keeps my feet on level ground.

I do believe I have said this before -
I live with my head in the clouds but my feet are always firmly on the ground. I know this is only a reflection of my own perception of myself but it's probably resembling some form of truth.

Currently I am sat in my hotel room in London. I'm here because I have a job here tomorrow. The other model has gone to bed and in all honesty I am ready for a good weeks worth of sleep.

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