Tuesday, 18 October 2011

one of those days

Today is one of those days.
One of those days where having space and time to be alone seems like the only solution. I've been in uni since 9am this morning and the last class of today was cancelled as it was optional anyway. I decided to print out some work and take myself to a coffee shop in town to be on my own, in a corner, spread some work out, listen to Laura Marling, and enjoy a nice bit of escapism. So here I am, relaxed already, wrapped up warm with my work and my steamed soy beverage. This is the ultimate de-stressing tool. I fully intend on working. I am just taking a moment..

Time alone is underestimated.
I have reading to do. I have researching and analysing, and I have articles and journals to critique. Such is the life of a student who multi-tasks her life alongside a modelling career.
I am not complaining :)
I do just like to take these moments and not rush ahead of my mind and my thoughts. Time already moves too quickly. We must stop and appreciate these thoughts, even if they don't mean an awful lot. It's far better to be in tune with yourself during the in-between moments than it is to forget that half of a life even exists.

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