Monday, 3 October 2011

The lovely bones

Currently 3am and yes, I do have a 9am lecture tomorrow morning in research design and planning - in which I have prepared my paper to review. But blah blah, besides the point. The weekend has been spent absolutely enjoying the sunshine, spending time with those close to me, and beginning a little studying while generally adjusting to my new home in York (which is simply lovely and is not requiring much adjusting to at all). The intention was to have an early (ish) night to allow myself the best possible chance of awakening to my alarm clock in the morning. But I seem to have forgotten my good intentions, partly due to More4 showing the beautiful film, 'The Lovely Bones'

I have read this book a good few times - each time finding a new part to fall in love with. For this fact alone, I have high expectations of the film and when I expect this much, very rarely does the film live up to my hopes. This one is an exception. I am a very creative and visual person, so films must capture my attention in that aesthetic and creative respect in order for me to maintain my interest and focus. The Lovely Bones has a brilliant cast and direction, the most atmospheric and perfectly fitting soundtrack, and such beautiful imagery and scenes. The intense unfolding of such a tragic story breaks my heart, yet in the same heartbreaking moments, life seems to make sense in such an uplifting way. It takes a true story to allow both feelings to happen at one moment in time. I escape from the reality of this world into my own reality, whatever that may be. But it doesn't feel so lonely because for that one moment in time I am not alone.

'I wasn't lost, frozen or gone.
I was alive.
I was alive in my own perfect world.'
- The Lovely Bones.

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  1. I think the book is better than the film, but the imagery on the film was beautiful :)
    cool blog btw
    much love x