Friday, 28 October 2011

week five

Primarily I tend to blog about the highs, lows, and all inbetween aspects of my life. Consiting mainly of modelling work and my travels and thoughts. I seem to forget that I am actually a university student too. Amongst the madness of life, I do attend my lectures and I do study and learn. When I'm not away here there and everywhere, I have to take the time to study. This is becoming even more of a priority at the moment, with me beginning the second year of my degree. This is the year that actually counts. It's a step up and I highly doubt that it's intended to be easy.

Psychology and Counselling is what I do. I love it. It's the other half of my life and I really do enjoy what I do. I have a hell of a lot of love for some of the friends I have here too.

Study time though? It's genuinely taking the life out of me. All my energy is being zapped from my body and I am left feeling as though I am walking dead on my feet. I was in London last week when an Italian coffee barrista rather politely yet truthfully observed that 'your body is here but your head is not in the room..'
This was while I quietly took a moment to myself while I struggled to decide whether to drink coffee or tea while waiting for my train.

I am not sleeping. Last night I did not sleep. I proceeded to sleep from 6am-10am this morning before heading to Starbucks and Uni to work..

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