Tuesday, 14 February 2012

happy Valentines day

I may be one happy girl living a single life but there is certainly no escaping the fact that today is the day of the year that love is celebrated. I, however, spent the day blissfully detached from the country's sometimes sickeningly beautiful couples with a lovely team of people shooting spring summer clothes. Not a bad days work. Got some results back from last semester at uni, relief because they are not as bad as I had feared! And spent last evening at home in Harrogate because my darling sister drove me to the location this morning. Nice to see her, not to mention a much welcomed break from my legendary housemate rants.
Anyways, I have been crashed on the sofa in a zombie-like state for the past couple of hours so I shall now consider heading to bed for a relatively early night (after leaving a little shot of today's beautiful red lipstick).
Bon nuit 

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  1. Pretty pretty :)Red lips and red cherry badge! xx