Sunday, 26 February 2012

maybe I am just weird

Back from another night at home. I needed to escape the house for a night.
I have little well-known twitter rants that tend to fall under the hash-tag #housematerant.
Okay, yes. Best not to write anything negative on twitter at all! They are mainly somewhat meaningless and harmless rants. But this weekend the house was busy and noisy and full of disgustingly smelly fry up breakfasts and strangers. Too much. Loudness and talking and people laughing and me unable to breathe. Far too much for anyone.
And this is me. Tanya. Me. I am none of these things. Loudness and noise are not words ever to be associated with who I am. That's not a bad thing. I am quiet and a little reserved. I have a presence. But it's almost like an unspoken presence. Maybe I am just weird. If so, then that's okay. So I'm quiet, reserved, and a little weird. Maybe 'dark and twisty' - a little secretive. But quietly content most of the time, because I make it so. So I took myself away to escape. It was brilliant. The brilliant great escape. If you don't like a situation, then take yourself out of it, oui?
So last night was spent like an oh-so glamorous Saturday night should be spent. Drinking tea, wearing the thirteen year old sister's penguin pyjamas, and watching television on the sofa with the sister and the dog.
I am now rested and ready to face the world for another week now.
I actually have to write an assignment for Social Psychology this week. Oh, joys.
Joys of life.
I now want some more carrots.. and a bit of frothed up soy milk.

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