Thursday, 9 February 2012

hello February

I suppose there's no time like the present for a blog. And oui oui, it is indeed approaching 2am, therefore I have no explanation as to why I am awake other than my head doesn't appear to wish for sleep.
So as we finally have the internet connection back in our house I thought I may quickly catch up on here and post something. Well, something in the form of an update. Since being back at school (university), life has consisted of castings and lectures and miles of walking in-between. Lots of castings for jobs which I may or may not get, and lots of lectures while I adjust my mind back into the swing of learning and I still await my grades back from last semester.

This last weekend deserves a mention. Anna and I had a visit from the lovely Amber. It snowed, we drank tea, wine, and spent a few days as if we had known each other for years. Which some may say we have :) - It was just brilliant. Brilliant to be blissfully happy in the company of friends. There was a small moment which I cannot let escape my memory. The 'piano man' in York decided he would sit out with his piano on a street-lamp lit street with snow falling, and play his songs. People came out of the pubs and sang along and we were suddenly part of something a little magical. We watched and we danced. It was cold but it didn't matter. A somewhat insignificant small moment but it's possibly the happiest I have felt for quite some time.

The weekend ended with a Sunday evening performance of Swan Lake by the Moscow City Ballet. Oh my, it was beautiful. Elegant, graceful, and beautiful. I was surprised at how moving a live orchestra can be also. As a girl with a fair amount of experience as a dancer, I was not only drawn into the ever so aesthetically pleasing and lovely performance on stage, but also developed quite an appreciation for the live music. That, or my love for music was re-awakened. Either way, it was beautiful.

I think some sleep now would do me some good. Some would call it beauty sleep but I'm not convinced there's much beauty to be created in just four hours so I shall just rest my eyes.
Bon nuit

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