Saturday, 21 July 2012

a gentle reminder

It is now over half way through the year 2012, and I have successfully endevoured to make my 2012 'list' rather unavoidable and impossible to forget. The list is currently posted on my bedroom wall and written on the inside cover of my diary, as well as inside my journal. In fact, I think Derren Brown would be pretty impressed with the somewhat un-subtle subliminal messages I seem to be feeding my subconscious mind here. Or, on the other hand - the simple power of positive psychology. PMA (Positive Mental Attitude).

It feels like this is more important than ever, as I am sinking into what is a rather premature mid-life crisis, or perhaps more kindly and less dramatically phrased, a mid-summer predicament.

There are a few specific points on my list that I must remind myself of. Not only do they act as a reminder of who I am, but also of who I am becoming, and what makes life feel fulfilled. The things that keep me 'going', as such, and the aspects of life that motivate and inspire. These simple points are very small and to some, may be insignificant. But for me, they are words that when followed, take me to a place in life that makes me a more wholesome, happier, and balanced being. I am losing touch of what it feels like to live in balance, and consequently, what it means to be myself and make decisions based upon my attunement to my own character as opposed to instability and fear. Goodness, I am currently metaphorically on my knees praying to the heavens above for something to change. I couldn't be lacking life-balance any more if I tried with all my might.

The points I am reminding myself of are as follows:
1. Keep my creativity
2. Smile every day
3. Focus on positives

In particular, 'Smile every day'.
A smile can speak a thousand words. Behind a meaningful smile are eyes that tell a story. The story is the endearing and most captivating tale.

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  1. I like the smile everyday one :)

    I need me one of these lists!